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“Our Customer’s Workflow Is Always Our First Priority.”

Showcase : Realtime Data Sync for esports.

Realtime Data Sync for Production with our Partner, a Big Data Tournament Platform Partner.

Showcase : Realtime Data Sync for Motorsports.

Realtime Race Information Graphic Insertion. Showing all Lap Time and Rankings.

Professional Video Production.

Professional Photography and Video Production for Product Launch Events and Government related events.

Professional Live Streaming Production.

Professional Live Streaming Team with Latest Hi-Technology Equipment and Number One Streaming Service by INOX.

Our Customer
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Guidelines for our E-SPORTS working Flow

Esports Event, After we're familiar with many Sports
and MotorSports workflow,

joining with our
Big Data Platform partner, INOX, we can
achieve real-time live data retrieving to use
with our graphic overlay insertion.

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We were simply born to paint pixels for a living

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia

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Our EVENT Working 2015 - 2022
The Difference

Experience Live Stream Performance Platform

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"Our customer’s Workflow is Always our first priority."

With the professional team and the latest technology in our hands, we're ready to follow the needs of our customers.

Backup For Live Streaming

You do not have to worry about the problem of receiving information after the event. Because with our streaming system Every event will always have a backup of the backup job information.

High Quality Server Streaming

You don't have to worry about savers in streaming quality. Because of all our work, streaming machines are the machines that we assemble and create the most quality. The value of each machine is not less than 150,000 baht, making you confident in the quality of our used machines.

Enjoy My Service

With over 6 years of experience in every job We care about every work and we value our customers as if they were family members. So you can be assured that All the work we do, we are full of 100%

Garena World 2019Bitec Bangna 6-7 April 2019

Is the biggest game event in Thailand We have been entrusted to take care of two big booths and also provide support for the big booth in the booth. Newtek too. In this work, the NDI management system is used to broadcast live video.

LINE TV NEXPLOSION 2019SiamPragon, 12 Feb 2019

Working with us on the TV line for more than 3 years, this event is considered as the greatest event we have with LINE TV. Which is a task to divide the two steps in a live broadcast With two camera points and over 15 cameras in this operation It is a proof of the Port LAN system in the NDI format that is sensitive and requires careful planning.

Netflix Thailand

"They provide us with the next level of streaming production with a full system solution. Even augmented reality is on the top-notch level. We like the way they work as a team together. What a Powerful production team!"

PUBG PROLEAUGE 2018 by JIBSiamPragon, 11-13 Dec 2018

Is the second largest game event in the country And this competition in the PubG Tournament is a competition that selects the country representative to compete with foreigners on the last day Is a big event for our team. One task is to have both systems to capture differences in image quality and graphics in real time.

AIS DIGITAL INTELLIGENT 2019SiamPragon, 1 Feb 2019

Our work with AIS Usually, we take care of most of the streaming. This time is one of our challenges that requires video editing to be used for live broadcasts. Therefore having to prepare our biggest work in this work and it is something that looks beautiful and pleasing to our customers and is our pride.

Our Customer
Thank You For trusting us

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